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About Patricia D.

“If I was just the one Anne, it would be ever so much more comfortable, but then it wouldn’t be half so interesting.” Anne Shirley (L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables)

Doing my best. Life as a geek girl approaching forty, freelance Marketer, aspiring writer, Mum of one and a 21st century Stepford Wife.

You’re still reading?  Thank you.

Thank goodness for dot points. Blogs can’t live without them!

Given I loathe beginning a sentence with the letter “I” *sigh* I hope you enjoy the “dot pointed” synopsis of Patricia Dodd.

  • Curious and contrary
  • A typical Gen Xer but one who eventually realised that the TV is an idiot box
  • My colours are red, navy, soft pink, mauve, beige and black
  • Not really a fashionista but I am female so I may blog about fashion *alarm bells*
  • A satirical Mrs Stepford and delirious domestic goddess (I love to BUY cupcakes. As long as I serve them on a Wedgewood platter, then the tea party is perfect)
  • Mum of one clever & wondrous little girl
  • A Marketing 101 fan (social media is merely an extension of Marketing, people!)
  • Arm chair film critic
  • A few people I know call me “Trish” (hmmm. Yeah I know. “TrishDodd.com” *smirk*)
  • Blogger (a real one now!)

If you prefer, send me a note via my Contact Me page. I promise to reply, even if you’re trying to sell me something. 😉

And yes, Anne of Green Gables had a huge influence in shaping my personality during the formative years. Miss Anne Shirley is my alter ego (sometimes).

PS. I’m not anywhere near the level of quality writing to say this, but if you do happen to borrow any of my blog posts, please ask permission first. Thank you.